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A few early preparations for the spring gardening season will bring benefits all year long

The end of winter is finally (hopefully) in sight, which means it's time to prepare your garden ready for the start of the new season.

The Grand Clear Out

Spring is the season to clean up your garden space and get rid of all those debris (leaves are the biggest culprit!). Remove those weeds and make sure that you get them at the root so that they won’t come back.

Revitalise your soil

Your soil has a bad time of it over the winter and will probably be dried out and tightly packed. You need to give it some much-needed moisture and nourishment with some manure or compost. Remember, you may also need to add some fertilizer into the mix to drive healthy soil and give your plants the platform they need to flourish and grow.

Trim those old plants

Those embattled plants that have survived the onslaught of the winter time now need to be pruned so that they start afresh in the spring. It’s probably best to wait until April to do this in case the frost comes back for a spell. This is Britain after all! A top tip to remember. All blooming flowers and plants need to be pruned right after they bloom, and you should prune summer plants in the early stages of spring.

Feed roses

If you haven’t already done so give roses their first feed of the year. Use a tailored rose feed as they need the correct mix of nutrients. And don’t think you’ll be doing them a favour by over feeding. You’ll end up with too much sappy soft growth that makes them less able to withstand pests. Feed again in April/May and, if you want, they can have a final feed in July but no later or that soft wood will make them vulnerable to winter cold.