A well-loved cottage garden bedding plant. No longer flowering for a brief period in spring.


Polyanthus are superb winter bedding plants for beds, borders, window boxes and containers.

Sweet William

Although Sweet William plants are short-lived perennials, they are mostly grown as biennials, planted in the autumn.


This pretty winter bedding plant erupts with an abundance of dainty flowers in the spring.


Neat and compact, these hardy perennial daisies produce masses of round, quilled blooms in pink, red or white.


A well known bedding plant for winter, these neat, upright biennials produce large, ruffled, strongly fragrant flower.


Renowned for their sweet spring fragrance, wallflowers are a cottage garden favourite.


Generally slightly smaller than Pansies, Viola plants produce an abundance of dainty flowers.


A stalwart of winter bedding displays, Pansies are so versatile and will bloom far longer than any other winter flower.

Autumn Plants

Autumn is the perfect time to plant out bedding plants for spring flowering. Winter bedding plants are often referred to as Spring bedding plants or even autumn bedding plants. However there’s no need to get confused. Simply put, they are biennials or perennials, which are planted from September to November. Most common bedding plants flower throughout the winter during milder spells, before putting on a burst of vigorous growth in the spring.

Spring Autum Winter Summer
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